Amanda and Charlie’s engagement session was a great example of success through collaboration. Amanda and I did plenty of brainstorming through email before our shoot. Amanda had some great ideas for using the Scrabble pieces and I really wanted to try a canoe. We had warm perfect weather in December and a lovely sunset on Lake Martin in Lafayette. We are looking forward to photographing the other spectrum of Louisiana culture during their wedding in New Orleans. Read on for a little more on the couple.

-Kerry and Denny

It was a hot summer night in Jasper, Indiana—Population 15,000. Amanda was in town from Pittsburgh, PA visiting her father’s hometown for the annual Strassenfest celebration–a festival of german food, music and of course beer. In the Bier Garden with her friend and cousin, Amanda caught, out of the corner of her eye, a man. Not just any man. This man was handsome. This man was amazing. This man was…wearing a cape…and dancing like an idiot. She knew right away that this was the man for her.

After a year of talking and texting and accumulation of numerous frequent flier miles, Amanda ultimately moved down to Louisiana to be with Charlie. A few months later they were engaged and are looking forward to being married this spring in New Orleans. They will be married in Jackson Square, in front of St. Louis Cathedral, with the reception a few blocks away at the House of Blues. They’ll end the evening with their very own second line band, dancing through the streets of the French Quarter.

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