Looking back through our weddings from 2016, I was reminded how much I love doing this work. We are so lucky to be chosen by these amazing couples. Over the past year we documented vows being exchanged on bucolic farms, historic plantations, in formal gardens, and under sprawling live oaks draped with spanish moss. We witnessed intimate elopements and large family affairs. We laughed and cried (and danced a little) alongside these awesome couples. I am so honored that they chose us to be a part of their wedding day. For us it was a year of joy and love and gratitude. We cannot wait to see what next year holds. – Liz


Photos by the Heirloom crew – Liz Condo, Kerry Maloney, Jacqueline Marque, Amanda Avery, Travis Long, Farren Campbell, Heather McClelland, Michael Seamans and Brian Wagner

2016_bestof_01 2016_bestof_02 2016_bestof_03 2016_bestof_04 2016_bestof_05

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