The most exciting thing about arriving at Erin + Brad’s wedding was seeing so many familiar faces. Unbeknownst to me at the time we have a lot of friends in common, so I knew immediately this would be a fun event. Then seeing all the work Erin did to make the old Arnaudville barn look like something out of a fairy tale would make any photographer’s dreams come true. Erin was the perfect bride, here are some works from her on how she met Brad:

Timing played a pretty key role in the way Brad and I met.  We had run into each other at least a couple times before, and never really noticed each other as we had lots of other things going on in our lives. But the third time we met, the stars seemed to align and it was something like love at first (or third) sight.  After that day, I knew that I had to get to know him.  I think I asked him out, seeing if he wanted to ride bikes, and he showed up at my door with a beer and we spent the next 8 or so hours together riding around talking, ending up hanging out in sleeping bags on his driveway well into the night.  I’ve spent nearly 5 years with Brad, and I have never doubted that he is the one for me.  He’s my best bud, my perfect match, and I’m so honored to now be his wife.   -Erin

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Photos by Kerry Maloney

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Dress: Bustle (Baton Rouge)
Floral design: Root Floral Design
Decorations: Event Rentals
Ceremony: Potato barn in Arnaudville.
Reception: Blue Moon Saloon
Wedding Planner: Elizabeth Rountree
Hair: Soho
Petal Curtains: Handmade by Erin
Makeup: Elizabeth Rountree

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  1. Catherine Guidry

    I just went through the image; you did an incredible job! I’ve been BLOWING up Erin’s phones with swooning comments over the photos! I’m so happy that she had you there. :) You did an AWESOME AWESOME job and I’m in love with the post!!!!!

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