What more can I say about a shoot in Paris, it still feels like a dream. I couldn’t ask for better company. I think the world of these two people. Here’s a little about them from Mia.
Me and Peter met on my second night in a new city. We both had that love-at-first-sight feeling. We became friends. Then, we became best friends. And then, eight months after we first met, we went on our first date. We’ve been best friends going on dates ever since.
We got married in August of 2013 at the Golden West Cafe, a Baltimore neighborhood restaurant that means a lot to us. It was a great celebration. Our dream honeymoon was Paris. But it was August, plus we had just thrown a big party so we were pretty wiped. Instead, we took a quiet country honeymoon and started planning for a one year anniversary trip to Paris.
When September 2014 came around, we started thinking about how much we loved our wedding clothes- I wore Peter’s mom’s wedding dress from 1944, and he wore a bespoke suit made just for him. We thought, why not wear our wedding clothes around Paris for a day. And then, why not see if our dear friend Kerry would be up for documenting it. Of course, it all turned out so much better than I could have imagined it. – Mia
Photos by Kerry Maloney

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