Nikki + Lucas’s wedding photos are a testament to how tough a girl in a strapless dress can be. A cold front blew in the morning of their wedding and they just powered through flawlessly. I was so happy that we had shot bridals for Nikki about a month prior the wedding. We had a lot of time and a glorious day so she didn’t have to worry about getting that all done on her wedding. They were able to focus on the awesome party they threw! A little about Nikki + Lucas below written by Lucas and check out their awesome vendors at the bottom of the page. -Photos by Kerry and Denny

“I’m sure you get this all the time but I am just curious, is that Van Gogh’s Starry Night tattooed on your arm?”

“I do get asked about it a lot, but you are the first person to get the painting right.”

This was the first conversation I had with my wife on July 3rd, 2011.  Neither of us really wanted to be at that particular bar on that particular night, but she was dragged there by a friend, and I went there because it was pretty much the only place open on theSunday night before the fourth of July.  Although she did not appear to be as impressed as I thought she was, I still did a little mental victory dance in my head after talking to this beautiful girl I had met 10 minutes prior.  For the rest of the night our conversation was pretty much dead. Over the next two weeks, the mutual friend that we were both there to see that night continued to tell us that she thought we would hit it off.  Two weeks later I see Nikki while out with some friends and I tell one of them, “That’s the girl I was telling you about.”.  Assisted by a little liquid courage, I sparked up a very brief conversation that seemed to go much better.  At the end of the night I asked our friend if I could get Nikki’s number from her.  She said she would ask and get back to me.  When I got a text message the following afternoon that included Nikki’s number, the excitement and nerves were a little high to say the least, so I waited a couple of days to compose myself.  After some sporadic text conversations and a few evenings spent trying to win over her and her friends, it was all too obvious that I did  not want to look for anyone else anymore.  I knew I had found my best friend.  After nine months we were living together, after 1 year we were engaged, and after 2 years we were married.  I never thought I would be the person to let things happen that quickly, but “let things happen” implies that I had control.  I can say with confidence that falling in love with each other was something that neither of us could have stopped even if we wanted to.  – Lucas

nikkilucas1 nikkilucas2 nikkilucas3 nikkilucas4 nikkilucas5
Bridesmaids/flower girls : Custom made
Rings: Ackal’s Jewelers (hers) Buttross Jewelers (his)
Cakes: Rouse’s
Hair: Amber Sonnier, April Sonnier & Nonnie Berard
Makeup: Bride and Maid of Honor (Mimi Ngo)
Bouquets/Boutonnières/Flowers: Handmade by Bride and Brides sister (Stacie Mistric)
Decorations: Antiques from Bride & Groom’s personal collection
Second Line Brass Band: Soul Express
DJ: Jared Vance

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