Hard to find a better backdop than the Boise foothills for an engagement shoot, add a tantum bike and it’s just perfection.  Teri provided the bike and they brought their boxer Ike for a few photos we brainstormed some ideas but the “I Love You” mural was just a happy accident. Love spending time in Idaho! –  Photos by Kerry and Joe.

Kevin had just moved back to Boise and needed a haircut. A friend slyly referred Kevin to Teri, and told Teri to “make sure you flirt with him”. After a year, he finally mustered the courage to ask her if she wanted to meet outside of her work. She said yes, although they both had plans that evening, a bachelor party and a high school reunion. They ended up meeting later for a drink that night. They didn’t get a chance to talk much, so Kevin then asked Teri out on the classic date: a drink and a movie. They both realized about 2 hours later they missed the movie, apparently the conversation was good! Kevin no longer pays for hair cuts, but does sweep up his own hair, just to give her a little break in her day!

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